So, let's see, What is

Project Time Management


To start, define some terms to understand the management of the project. Each project, complex or simple, large or small, goes through several stages of development.

The idea (concept)


A set of performers

Running the project

project completion

When the beginning and end of the project lasts more than three years is a short-term project, projects of three to five years - are considered moderate, and only five years - long-term. In order to understand in what terms to fit the project you will need to structure your actions, in other words, create a graph of performance:

  1. note the project objectives, assumptions and possible limitations.
  2. compose all the subtasks detailed in form of the scheme.
  3. make a plan, you will use for Running Project in phases.
  4. calculate the time of each task on the project.
  5. decide the intermediate and final deadlines of the project, that is, in fact you are doing the project management terms.
  6. consider all the events and conditions that are not related to a project but can influence it.
  7. analyze its own structure project and define pool of time for Running Project in the lining.

If this schedule to satisfy all project participants - you are ready to run. If customers want to complete the project in the short term,

Do not make the process of developing the schedule in the opposite direction. Time is measured from the date of completion, and work begins at the end. Otherwise, you can focus on the timing, miss some objectives of the project. Or it will cause that your project will not as efficient as required by the customer. To optimize the timing of the project, perform management timing project, perform the following analysis:

  1. Double-check the original time limit set by the assigned tasks.
  2. Check requirements.
  3. Specify whether the conditions for the project, not based on past experience in implementing similar project.
  4. Consult if you can, with the people who carried out such projects are.
  5. Consider the involvement of highly qualified project. Of course, it will be more expensive but much faster. And, moreover, such workers are not always available and always in great demand.
  6. Prepare options for replacement of the project and, in the case where the original methods and strategies do not justify themselves. If possible, prepare a plan with the lowest risk, which is quite naturally lead you to the proper management of project timelines.